Grape Vine and Oranges

Big thunder storm last night. I could still hear it rumbling this morning.
It is hot and sunny again now but with that lovely freshness you get after a thunder storm. It sounds like I am in Corfu, but I am back at home in St Albans!
We had had a thunder storm the day we had planned a bbq, [in Corfu!] We managed to dodge the rain and find shelter on the terrace by the house. Looking out at the spectacular view, under the grape vine, through the lemon and orange trees, the roses and geraniums, hibiscus, bougainvillea, olive trees and cypresses, to the sparkling blue sea and the mountains of Albania across the water. I tried to draw the scene in my little sketchbook, so much to cram onto such a small page!

I picked oranges from this tree, and squeezed the juice. It felt like drinking liquid sunshine!


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