Rainy day bluebells!


The bluebells are out at the moment, and I have been up to the woods with my sketchbook and paintbox. I love the glimpses from the path that runs alongside the edge of the wood. That tantalising shimmer of purpley blue almost at eye level from the low path. You climb a set of earth and tree root steps to enter the wood.  Once inside I feel almost overwhelmed! It is magical and almost too beautiful and it fills me with a strange sense of anxiety. I want to paint but where to start, so I walk and walk and eventually find myself coming home a bit dispirited as I havn’t painted anything! But all is not lost! There is a little bit of woodland just across the road from me, I call it ‘ The Scrap Woods’ as it is just a scrap between the houses. Maybe I feel safer. It is not spectacular, but there are a few bluebells here and there, so I sit and draw them.

There are also some bluebells by the washing line area outside my flat, and even though it is dull and rainy today I have made a little sketch looking out from behind the fence to the trees across the road.


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