A Good Tree Day!

I have just had a new giclee print made of the cherry blossom sketch I did on the 30 day challenge. It had been in the pipeline for a while, waiting through the grey winter, and suddenly it’s here, at the same time the first early pink blossoms are out on the trees down my road! 


I remember vividly making this sketch, it was a freezing cold day, I tried to draw with gloves on, but had to take them off.

Today has been sunny and warm. I walked up to Heartwood Forest, under a beautiful vast blue sky with the skylarks singing. The Woodland Trust are planting 850 acres to make new woodland. This was my third or was it my fourth time planting? I did 24 trees to make my total of 100! It was a good tree day!






One thought on “A Good Tree Day!

  1. Lovely cherry blossom sketch Gerry. A pleasure to meet you at Heartwood Forest last Saturday (15th). It was a beautiful day. Thank you so much for for your support to my forthcoming African cycle ride. Best wishes Nick Simon

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