Pier Year!

Under Brighton Pier

Under Brighton Pier

Giclee Print

Giclee Print

It is a cold and rainy tuesday today, but it is a very special day for me as it is exactly a year since day 28 of the first 30 Day Challenge that I did, my challenge being to draw a sketch every day and post it online. I met Michi, a fellow 30DC’er! in Brighton and we sat on the beach together and sketched.  It was a hot day so I sat under the pier to get a bit of shade. I remember looking up and wondering if I could draw the little building with the pointy roof, with a bobble on the top. It looked lacy and fragile suspended over the water, so I started the sketch with that, then realised I would have to put the supporting structure in, or at least suggest it! We sat there for quite a while, the little sketch becoming populated with rather strange looking seagulls and even a couple of figures.

I found a printer who could take the sketchbook and reproduce the drawing as a beautiful giclee print, which is such good quality that it is able to be enlarged. I have been selling the prints at the Brighton Open House festival during May, and am thrilled by the wonderful response I have had from people! Thank you everyone who said they loved my work and bought it! Thank you Dad you were right, you always said my sketches were my best work!

You can find the prints on my etsy shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/gerrywilmersartworks


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