Red Hibiscus and Worcester Sauce!

I am very excited with my latest giclee print that I have just collected from the printers! It is a red hibiscus sketch I made on holiday in Lanzarote a few years ago. Sketches are powerful things as I can remember clearly doing the drawing. It was raining, and my friends were playing cards. I sat at the table and got my watercolours out and painted the hibiscus. My dad often said to me ‘I wish you would do something with your sketchbooks!’. He found it frustrating that I painted on both sides of the paper, and often across the binding in the middle, so I couldn’t take the sketch out of the book. Now, at last, I am having giclee prints done from the pages. They are such good quality, printed on beautiful watercolour paper, I admit they almost look better than the originals! These are for you dad!


I am taking a collection of prints and cards to my cousin’s house in Hove , to display as part of the Brighton Open House festival. Wanda is a sculptor and the road she lives in is Worcester Villas, hence the name for her exhibition,’ Worcester Sauce’! The festival takes place all around Brighton and Hove throughout May 2013, and is well worth a visit!




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