Woods, Washing and Waiting

Another leaning tree, this one is by the stream that runs through a little park near my mum’s in Taunton, I go and look at the stream every day when I am there, hoping to see a kingfisher, I havn’t seen one yet!

Bedtime reading, I can’t believe I am trying to draw a portrait of VanGogh leaning up on my elbow!

Back home and there is always the washing to do. I love hanging washing out on the line!

This is one of the little paths that runs through trees in Jersey Farm woodland Park,  just across the road from me.

This spot is only a few yards from the road, but as soon as you step into it there is that magical feeling of being somewhere special, everything is very green and fluffy after all the rain, and the wet leaves sparkle with a shaft of evening sun breaking through. It is difficult to capture it working in a small sketchbook with just a few blobs of watercolour, but I go back the next day to draw, just for the pleasure of being there.

This my view waiting to see the Olympic Torch pass through St. Albans. I took my sketching stool and sat down while we waited.


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