A walk in the woods

The last couple of days I have been painting on paper, using acrylic paints. The picture is based on a sketch I did in the woods across the road from me, similar to the sketches I posted yesterday. You can see it on the wall to the left of the big painting. The paper is over six feet tall and almost five feet wide. I like working on this scale as I feel like I am in the painting, taking a walk in the woods. These photo’s show a bit of the process.

This is the painting a bit more refined but not finished. I am going to try not to overwork it as that is my new challenge! I would like to keep it sketchy and vibrant, maybe I have softened it too much already but I can see there was a big tribute to David Hockney going on there – thank God for him – the soft splodgyness is more me!


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