Day 26

Yesterday, Saturday, I cycled to the station and got a train to Brighton. A couple of hours later I arrived, and cycled along the sea front to the ‘King Alfred’ where the beach is not so crowded.  Such a beautiful day, sun shining, the sea glistening, bouncy waves caught by the wind.

I carried my bike across the pebbles,as close to the water as I could, and went for a quick swim, very cold, but exhilarating! Then I got my paints out and started a sketch.Image

This is my camp!


Sketch in progress!


A little girl and her dad came over to see what I was doing, we had a chat and she told me her name – Amelie. Then her gran came over to see me and told me her name – ‘Pidg’, from Pidgeon, it was fun to show her my sketch’s from Barcelona, as the beach one has a pigeon walking along in it, but on the drawing I have spelt it pidgeon! it is lovely how the sketch book often becomes a way to connect with people. I had another quick dip and then started packing my things up.

Pidg, and Sadie, Amelies mum came over and helped me carry my things back across the pebbles, and they stayed and waved me off as I cycled away. I was so touched by their warmth and kindness and felt very blessed to have met them, I love those little moments in life.

Amelie, if you are reading this, I am saying ‘hello’, and sending love to your family! xx


2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. HI Gerry

    Finally I looked up your blog – it’s lovely and so well laid out.

    Mum (Pidge) has alzheimers as you may have noticed and she loves to meet people so thank you too for being so welcoming.

    Good luck in your artistic endeavours, you are a talented artist.

    Sadie x

  2. Hello Gerry

    Sorry it has taken so long to write and check out your site. Amelie was with me when we met you and it was lovely having a chat and looking at your work and it really inspired Amelie who has a real love of drawing and, although we are a bit biased, we think she shows real talent. I love the style of your paintings and your blog is great to read through. It was lovely meeting you, enjoy your summer
    David x

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