Day 28

Monday, I cycled from Shoreham to Brighton to meet Michi, she is also doing the 30 day Challenge! We met at the pier and went for a coffee so we could compare our sketches and ideas. Then went down onto the beach where we ended up sitting underneath the pier to find a bit of shade. The structure looked interesting from that strange angle and I thought I would have a go at drawing it, although I admit to being a bit daunted by too many ‘straight lines’. I got tied up in the detail before long and felt  like I had bitten off more than I could chew, so I tried to loosen up by adding colour, and soon felt better! Had a bit of trouble with my seagulls, but you get the general idea! [ The one on the beach looks like a cross between a seagull a pigeon and a duck!] Hmm!

It was fun having a companion to compare drawings with. Thank you Mitchi!


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