Day 23

Another beautiful day, and this afternoon I went into London for the 30 Day Challenge meet up, but first I went to Tate Modern and saw the Damien Hirst exhibition. Wow! In the turbine hall, in a big black box that you walk into is his diamond skull, ‘For the Love of God’. I had heard about it and seen pictures but I hadn’t expected to be so moved by it, the real thing is so different from the photo’s of it. It had a tenderness about it, it is just so beautiful!

I felt like that about the whole exhibition, unexpectedly moved by the power and poignancy of his work. I had brought my sketchbook and watercolours with me to draw today but I came out of the gallery in a daze. I sat on a bench and looked at the ground, a single cigarette butt lying there. I draw that. My tribute to Damien Hirst!


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