Day 22

Beautiful sunny day, I am waiting for the Washing machine repair man to come so I can’t stray far from my flat. So for today’s sketch I sit outside and have a go at drawing the birdbath. This solemn looking little chap was rescued from a garden where he had been left by previous owners when they moved and the new owners didn’t want him either. He didn’t have a dish to hold water. I had a dish but no stand, so he found a new home with me in pride of place amongst some pots. He doesn’t seem to look any happier, and I have made it worse by messing around with white paint to try and correct my pen drawing. Twisty stone ornaments are not my strong point as you can see! I like the bluey grey flower pot on the right, although I decided to abandon trying to colour the rest. I have that restless waiting feeling, tinged with a faint sense of anxiety which I feel is reflected in the drawing! The Candy man is not here yet!



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