Day 10

Yesterday, day 9, was a busy day traveling. Leaving England in the rain, flying above the clouds into the sun! I had kept looking for opportunities to sketch but  it didn’t  happen. I did put pencil to paper late in the evening and started a little sketch portrait of Zoey sitting in a cafe, but I was tired and felt I was trying to draw something because I said I would, so I abandoned it.

Today, day 10, we were walking along and  I was thinking about the day before and how I had thought I could make a quick sketch of people in the airport, or on the train, then I had a realization about my motivation and it struck me that maybe at the moment it wasn’t about making quick sketches at all, but rather it is about sitting somewhere and taking time to just observe what is in front of me slowly and quietly and to make a drawing or little painting that absorbs me into the place and the time in a deeper way. But just to make up for yesterday I did two drawings today!

This is the edge of the water at Bogatell Beach in Barcelona, yes that’s a pigeon walking past!


 This is an amazing knobby tree in Parc Ciutadella.


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