Day 8

This afternoon I went out and drew the other end of ‘Winnies Hill’, it was lovely feeling the sun at last and the green grass all scattered with dandelions and daisys, so cheerful!


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Hi Gerry, wow I’m so proud of you!! Well done for getting to grips with the technology and working out how to do this – I know this is a huge step forward for you and you should be very pleased with yourself! I love all the sketches (esp Day 3 coz of the bluebells!) and your lovely captions too. It’s so nice to hear about your thoughts and feelings while you were sketching, and it’s obviously having a really positive effect on your discipline and just wanting to work. I think you’re amazing for setting yourself this challenge – keep it up girl!! Have a wonderful week in Spain and I look forward to seeing more daily sketches. All my love, and to Zoe – I hope you find just the right wedding venue for her – something like that villa in Tunisia maybe?! God bless, Christine xx

    • Thanks Christine! Yes, I feel I am slowly making a bit of progress with technology! Had an amazing week with Zoey. We found a beautiful hotel overlooking the sea, very romantic! I didn’t have much opportunity for lingering sketches but managed a few quick drawings, see later posts!! xx

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