Day 11,12,13,14

Wow! Crazy busy weekend! But before we left on friday I wanted to try and make a sketch of the beautiful deep pink bougainvillea, tumbling over the terrace wall. It is impossible to capture the amazing colour, but I thought I would have a go. In front of me was one of the twisty stone pillars, and I somehow got caught up in trying to draw that, hmm, as you can see I got a bit lost in all the twists and turns and it looks a bit wonky at the top!

Friday afternoon we drive away from Barcelona and up to the Costa Brava to start our tour of possible wedding venues for Zoey. The second hotel we look at is gorgeous, up on the rocks overlooking the sea. There is a dance lesson taking place, and couples are moving around the room to a slow tango, so romantic! I am entranced by the twisty pine trees growing out of the rocks at the top of the steps down to a little beach, I would love to stay and draw but we have business to attend to!

Saturday May 12th. We drive inland a little way to an old country house, passing on the way olive groves deep in long grass, wild flowers and masses of poppies, ooh, I would love to be left under a tree somewhere for a couple of hours to sketch, but this is not a painting holiday!!  On the terrace of this beautiful house I try and do a quick sketch of some amazing old pots, but I only have a couple of minutes….! After lunch I try a quick sketch of an olive tree in a garden, it is missing the long grass and the wild flowers but it is better than nothing! After going to several other venues we go back to the hotel overlooking the sea.There is another hotel behind it with a double olive tree in front of the entrance, whilst Zoey and her mother in law to be, go and find room prices in Catalan, I decide to sit on the front step and do a quick sketch of the tree. Joan has the engine running and it is becoming the joke as he says, ‘go on Gerry you have a couple of minutes!’  I added a bit of watercolor later which is never as good as when it is done on the spot! It feels a bit like cheating to me!

Sunday May 13th.  Zoey and I have half an hour on the beach, Woo hoo!  and we go in for a very quick dip as even though the sun is shining the water is very cold! I manage a quick sketch, using sea water to paint with – the sea paints itself! Then we are off again, inland through the mountains for a big family dinner! After an amazing catalan meal, I venture out into the garden with my sketchbook looking for a subject. Funny, it wasn’t the mountains in the distance or the flowers that touched me, but a little soggy dog chewed toy rabbit lying on the grass.  The dog came out and wanted the rabbit as soon as I picked it up and it soon became a game, with the dog winning! but I did have the rabbit just long enough to make a very quick sketch, the dog doesn’t know it but he has helped improve my drawing speed!! Maybe I could be a quick sketcher after all!


Monday May 14th. We are back in Barcelona and I try to get this blog up to date, but after writing it all out and putting in the pictures I manage to loose the lot. So I gave up for a while and Zoey and I go back down to Bogatell beach, it is very windy and we are soon sandblasted. I attempt to sketch a couple sitting under a big umbrella, but the guy can see me looking so I stop and go and find a tree instead!! Always a reliable option! they never mind you drawing them! I found one of the lovely little dumpy pine trees in the park not far from the beach, with masses of lavender, so I settle for that. I am sitting on an ants nest I later discover, but at least I did a little painting!


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