Day 7

Had a rest yesterday, day 6, not feeling too good. Today it’s raining again and still a bit cold. I sat and looked at my art stuff in front of me in my sitting room and thought well why don’t I just draw that!

The easel looks at me reproachfully when I am not using it, but I feel a step closer to getting back into painting by making this sketch of it!!

Hmm, although often I just want to put the formal looking easel away and splash out on a bigger scale. See the marks on the wall in this sketch, thats where the paint has overlapped the big bits of paper that I paint on sometimes. Note to self, need to get some more big paper and get splashing!



3 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Gerry I have just looked at this sight. I have not seen your work before to look at. It is truly lovely! You have such talent! I have so enjoyed looking and hearing your thoughts, Thank you! Keep it up! Ann Finney

  2. Indeed Gerry, I share Ann’s compliments. Its always good to rest on The Seventh Day and even from our creative works, its a Commandment and one that produces new life!
    Thank you for your work Gerry.

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