Something to do in the winter

In the short dark days of January/February I find myself cleaning and sorting and procrastinating, but struggling to paint anything, [ apart from the walls! ], as I like to draw outdoors, but it is so cold.

But I am pleased that I have managed to get going with the help of the ‘start small, start now’* mantra that pops into my head.  And I am reminded of something else someone said to me a few years ago, when I was lucky enough to be on holiday in beautiful Corfu.  I was sketching some chickens under the olive trees and a lady came up to me and gently said “why don’t you take some photographs, and then you will have something to do in the winter”.

I am no good at working from photographs, and it is hard to work outdoors when it’s freezing. So the last few weeks I have been working indoors on some little paintings drawn directly from my sketchbooks.

The phrase stayed with me, and I am smiling to myself as I realise I have found a way to start again. I have something to do in the winter.

IMG_1293 (1)

  • ‘Start Small Start Now’  Seth Godin.  30 Day Challenge

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