The Hawthorn

Spring! The sun is shining and the daffodils are out in their glorious golden yellow. Hurray!

I have made a few attempts to sketch outdoors during march! Not very successfully really with the cold wind and occasional hail stones making me pack up sooner than I would have liked! But today was beautiful and sunny and I went across to Jersey Farm Woodland park and sat on a bench.

A skylark singing.

I noticed that at the side of me was a thick hawthorn bush with little tiny buds just starting to come out.

It seemed fitting as It is Good Friday tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “The Hawthorn

  1. Hi Gerry-

    It was such a pleasure meeting you last week at the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg! So glad you passed along your blog info – your work is so lovely, and I look forward to seeing your sketchbook someday!

    Be in touch, and be sure to come visit us next time you’re in town!


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