My 3rd 30Day Challenge Poppies Picture

Today I have finished my third 30Day Challenge! Yaay!

It has been amazing experience, making me push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to sketching and showing people my work on the spot, something I usually shy away from!  I went to London to try and draw something and found myself somehow lead to the Tower of London when the poppies where there in full [ see my ‘Poppy Day’ blog post! ].

Lots of people wanted to look at what I was doing and gave me such wonderful comments. But there was one girl in particular that I met who wanted to take a picture of the sketch and put it straight on facebook! She was so enthusiastic and gave me such encouragement to make the drawing into a print so she could have one that I have done that and you can see it now on my etsy shop.

There will be cards available too, but the first one’s I had printed have not come out very well, so I am having them redone and will put them on my etsy shop when I get them!

I am going to give a donation from the profits of any sales of the prints and cards to the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes charities.

The Poppies at the Tower of London


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