Poppy Day!

Went into London today with my sketchbook and paintbox to see if I could draw something ‘other than trees’ for my 30 day Challenge! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, I got off the train at the wonderful new Blackfriars station and walked down to Tate Modern, past the lovely spindly silver birch trees. I wanted to go and see the poppies around the tower of London although I didn’t really expect to draw anything there, I just wanted to have a look and then go and try and find a corner to hide in and try and sketch a bit of a building or something! There were crowds of people all around but I managed to work my way along until I was at the place where you could see both sides of the tower and the incredible sea of poppies stretching out. Such an amazing, moving sight! I stood behind a barrier for a while entranced not just by the poppies, but by some little trees sticking out between parts of the top of the tower. Trees! Some girls squeezed behind the barrier and stood on a little wall. I decided to squeeze through myself, and then I thought, well, I could try! I got my sketchbook out and opened it. I kept looking at the tower, the poppies, the trees, but where to start? So many stones, bricks, windows,so much detail, overwhelming….where to begin, and so close to a steady stream of people walking slowly right past me, I am not hidden at all, in fact in full view! But I was supposed to be challenging myself! P1010150 I stood there drawing for a while and people started talking to me and asking if they could look at what I was doing. Normally I don’t like people to see what I am doing but there was such a good atmosphere in the crowd and people were making really nice comments, it was so encouraging! I went back again on November 10th, my birthday! The crowds were so deep I could hardly see where I had drawn my sketch before! I am pleased to say that I now have an archival giclee print of this sketch available to buy from my Etsy shop. I am going to give a donation from the profits I make to The Royal British Legion, and Help for Hero’s charities. http://www.etsy.com/shop/gerrywilmersartworks


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