Day 19

Cycled down to the end of the rape seed field in Sandridge to get a view looking up it across to the trees. I leaned my bike against the gate and stood and drew the scene in pen. I got my watercolours out, but had managed to forget my paintbrush! I smeared some yellow onto the paper with my finger but it was not such a good idea, so I left it and went into town to meet a friend and get some stuff from the market. The yellow on the drawing looked a bit dull when I looked at it again, so I went back to the spot with a tube of fluorescent yellow acrylic paint and an oil brush!

Hmm, well it’s definitely brighter!  



8 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I LOVE this sketch. Those are the colors that make me happy: Bright yellow and shades of green. An energy healer told me once that yellow is related to the feeling of being powerful and in control and green is about the heart. In any way, what strikes me most is the composition. You let the rape seed field shine!

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