Day 18

Teaching a new student today, we do some exercises from Betty Edwards, ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’, the perception of edges, line drawing and pure contour drawing, which is great fun – i.e – drawing something only looking at the subject and not at your drawing! very hard to resist the temptation to look, but amazing results, very tender…without the critical left brain judging your efforts! [ Like ‘Top Dog’ in 30 Day Challenge speak! ].

There is that old saying ‘You teach best what you most need to learn’ hmm!

But the result of my own effort to make a sketch today is similar to my, ‘I’m too tired’ drawing from yesterday, I am sitting on the couch, only this is even worse as I am drawing the couch itself ! Still,it is better than nothing and I am promising myself to go out and do a little painting of the yellow field down the road tomorrow!



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