Have you done it yet?


I know life changes constantly and can be swept away in an instant, but I feel gratitude and a sense of continuity from thinking about places and things that are familiar to me, and for the moment, still the same, even when we are not there.

I have often wondered how I could paint or make something to express these thoughts.

I was talking to my five year old great nephew, Bennie, while we doing a sketching session together in the summer at my sisters in Ely, when he was visiting from his home in America. I told him how I was thinking about the fact that we are sitting here, in this place, in England, and his superman outfits were still there in his bedroom cupboard, at home, with all his toys and art stuff, waiting for him. My flat is still there with all it’s things. Nona’s house, the garden and the little cat who comes to visit when I get there, and sneaks in for a little nap. All these places and things are still there. Maybe even the DAZ box is still there on the top shelf in the old village shop in Lacones up through the olive groves in Paelokastritsa, Corfu.

I said to him. “I want to do something about it”.

We carried on drawing quietly .

About ten minutes later he said to me.

“Have you done it yet?”






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