Worcester Sauce

I am taking part in the Artists Open House event showing my work at my cousin Wanda’s beautiful home in Hove. The road is called Worcester Villas, the event, ‘Worcester Sauce’ of course!

After a lovely sunny busy weekend, a quiet monday comes and I have walked down to the sea and along to Hove. So many memories of my childhood seaside days. I sit on the beach for a while and sketch the view looking back towards Portslade.

There is a little black dog, he comes up to sniff around me then runs off along the beach. I try to draw him but he is so busy running this way and that, he comes out a furry blur. I am using a water soluble pen, and a little too much water.

It starts to rain a little, shall I walk back the way I came? No, I am lured by the pier in the distance, and maybe some fish and chips for tea!


That’s the dog on the groyne, heading towards the seagulls!


One thought on “Worcester Sauce

  1. I can,t believe you have captured so much in a sketchbook image. Love your style, especially trees and particularly red trees!! Richard Walkley 29.5.16

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