Bunnitina and the Midnight Mousies

This time last year I had received a gift from my niece in America containing two little mice. Christmas tree decorations, dressed in knitted red coats and hats and one with a thick scarf around his neck. Along with the mice there was a sketchbook journal, entitled ‘One Sketch A Day’. It instructed me to draw something everyday and so I started to sketch the mice. I kept it up everyday for several months drawing the mice usually at the end of the day just before I went to sleep, hence I called them the Midnight Mousies!  This christmas a new very special character has joined them for a visit, Bunnitina, a glove puppet belonging to my niece’s little boy, Bennie. While Bennie is away visiting his Grandma, Bunnitina is staying with me, sitting on the shelf by the bed with the little mice. It is very quiet without the little boy and Bunnitina seems to look at me with a rather unnerving stare, waiting to be animated again when Bennie returns! IMG_1308


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