Day 2

Today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious about the challenge, a sense of ‘can I keep up?’

It was cold and grey when I went out to draw and the sketch has come out a bit ‘scratchy’, but I feel sure that it will get better!!

This is the other side of  ‘Winnie’s Hill’. I tried to alter the horizon line, made a mess of it, but it’s a sketch so that’s ok! I feel better this evening as I find my way around the sites!!

'Winnie's Hill'

/Users/gerrywilmer/Desktop/Scan 121230001.jpg


One thought on “Day 2

  1. Hi Gerry! Your work is a joy to behold! As was meeting you today – it was fun creating our own version of the show! ( I think our work is far too happy to fit in with it) Looking forward to getting together with you at some point in the future! Have a great Easter, Shaz x

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